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Comfortably Numb!

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21 August 1983
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I have longed, for as long as I can remember, to learn to play an instrument; the violin.
I love the human body in all its shapes and sizes, the perfect to the grotesque.
I like reading, watching movies, drinking hot coffee with a warm muffin, sitting on a couch by the fireplace cuddled in a soft rug, feet stretched towards the warm fire.
I like to run; take long walks along the beach; gaze at the ocean quietly.
I like watching birds.
I like dogs and cats.
I like empty white spaces.
I love sushi.
I like watching DVD s at home on a Friday evening with some unhealthy Chinese and a couple of beers.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day;I love having a 2-hour breakfast in a quiet restaurant on a Saturday morning.
I like fingers.
I love reading in coffee places.
I like watching people at bars and coffee shops; I like bars and coffee shops.
I like Broadway.
I like jazz, not all of it of course.
I like the buzz I hear in my ears when I'm drunk and dancing on a crowded dance floor; I like closing my eyes to that buzz and losing myself in that feel, even if for a brief minute.
I like feeling tired after a good day's work.
I like playing with the command line on Linux and learning new shortcuts; I like simple troubleshooting on Linux.
I like type setting on LaTeX.
I like psychological experiments.
I like symmetry; asymmetry in symmetry.
I like learning new concepts, though I can not retain all of what I learn; science and logic excite me.
I like punctuation; like English and its eccentricities;
I like poetry although I have difficulty understanding most poems in the first read.
I prefer deserts, beaches and sand to forests and grass.
I like the sound of the wind over the ocean and sand
I like the bird-songs and the constant buzz of insects in an otherwise quiet forest
I love birds
I like riding my bicycle (though I lack the stamina to ride for a long time).
I like traveling by public transport in a city; watching people during the rides.
I like art and art museums/galleries.
I like vodka martinis; even straight vodka on the rocks.
I like cooking seafood and wish to learn to make good soups.
I love...

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